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Superman- Fan Art By Ryan Burdzinski

Superman- Fan Art by Ryan Burdzinski

A mixed media painting for a friend of mine who’s a huge Superman fan. He requested a painting of a Superman logo, but I needed to add more; something to add depth and also hold the viewer’s attention.

Superman painting by Ryan Burdzinski

36″ x 24″ mix media on canvas

Superman fan art by Ryan burdzinski

Superman fan art by Ryan burdzinski

Superman fan art by Ryan burdzinski


The Background

I did some research on the most notable Superman comic moments throughout the years, and found lots to work with. After seeing some wonderful art of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, I thought it would be a good device to break up the images. I decided on a blue monochrome (one color) collage hidden behind the icy blocks protruding from the center.

Pecs of Steel

After some sketches, I realized that my collage idea resembled Superman’s chest! (One of those happy accidents in the creative arts!) So I made a few minor changes to the design to accommodate it. This way the painting will resemble one thing from far a way, (the “S on his chest) and still have highly detailed hidden images to keep viewers interested.

Many thanks to my friend, TJ Jaskolka at Embrace Salon, for giving me the opportunity to paint such an iconic image.

Have any ideas for an original painting of your own? Does your home or office need something but you just can’t find it in the stores? Contact me and let me help you solve this problem. My paintings make great gift ideas too!


Ryan Burdzinski ART

Ryan K. Burdzinski is an Ohio oil painter and graphic designer. He was born in Ravenna, Ohio in 1982, and later returned to the area to study painting at Kent State University. He received His BFA in Painting in 2006.

His original artwork can best be compared to surrealism, due to his use of random elements in his processes, and his application of realistic light to impossible, unworldly objects. Over the years his work has grown more complex and vivid. “With each new painting I attempt something new, something I’ve never tried before.” Ryan stated. “Most importantly, something no one’s ever seen before.”

Burdzinski currently lives in Brunswick, OH where he runs a freelance art and graphic design business. He also maintains an art blog,, and works on his own series of surrealist oil paintings. View his portfolio at

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