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Parma Rib N Rock ‘s New Website Is Here!

Parma Rib N Rock ‘s New Website is Here!

A volunteer website project done in early 2017 for the Parma Area Chamber of Commerce. An event I’ve volunteered in for years, attended for longer. Finally after some convincing and persistence, I was able to work on their website. Admittedly I have a close connection with this organization; my Father is Chairperson as well as head of Beer & Soda at the 27th Annual Parma Rib N Rock.

Check out the full site here:
And come see me at the beer tent!

Band Assets Providedparma rib n rock disco inferno parma rib n rock fayrewether parma rib n rock honky express

Ryan Burdzinski ART

Ryan K. Burdzinski is an Ohio oil painter and graphic designer. He was born in Ravenna, Ohio in 1982, and later returned to the area to study painting at Kent State University. He received His BFA in Painting in 2006.

His original artwork can best be compared to surrealism, due to his use of random elements in his processes, and his application of realistic light to impossible, unworldly objects. Over the years his work has grown more complex and vivid. “With each new painting I attempt something new, something I’ve never tried before.” Ryan stated. “Most importantly, something no one’s ever seen before.”

Burdzinski currently lives in Brunswick, OH where he runs a freelance art and graphic design business. He also maintains an art blog,, and works on his own series of surrealist oil paintings. View his portfolio at

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