Salvador Dalí – 5 Strange Facts

Salvador Dalí – 5 Strange Facts

By: Ryan Burdzinski

It’s no secret that artist Salvador Dalí was a strange guy. Best known for his translations of dreams into artwork, he was thought to be insane- or at least wanted to seem that way. Here are a few little-known facts about the Spanish surrealist.

5. Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Dalí share an alter-ego

Salvador Dali - Heisenberg

He proclaimed himself interested in the work of physicist Dr. Werner Heisenberg- the name used by Breaking Bad character Walter White as an alias. Dalí claimed: “I, who previously only admired Dalí, will now start to admire that Heisenberg who resembles me”.

4. He was afraid to expose his feet

Salvador Dali

Dalí also had many other phobias; he hated being touched, and was terrified of female genitalia. He was believed to be a virgin when he married his wife in 1929.

3. He designed the Chupa Chups logo

Cupa Chups

Company founder Enric Bernat spared no expense when finding a logo for his new lollipop business. In 1969 he hired Dalí for the task, and the logo has barely changed since.

2. Dreams inspired his paintings directly

The Face-of War by Salvador Dali

You know how you have the best dreams right after you fall asleep? Dalí used this to his advantage. He would doze off sitting in a chair, while holding a spoon over a tin plate placed on the ground. When he let go of the spoon, the crashing sound would wake him and he would immediately write down the surreal images from his dreams.

1. He ripped off Yoko Ono

Dali Lennon & Ono

When Yoko Ono requested a strand of hair from his mustache, Dalí demanded $10,000. Yoko agreed, and Dalí sent her a dried blade of grass instead. He was concerned she use the hair for witchcraft purposes. Won’t bring the Beatles back together, but it’s a start!



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